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There are many safari options in Kenya however if your visit only takes you to Mombasa then your choices are more limited because of distance. Of course, any Safari can start in Mombasa but unless you want to spend an entire day or more driving we recommend you fly to your safari destination of choice.

Our recommended Safari from Mombasa is Tsavo East National Park and you can read more about this here:

We offer:

  • Pick-up at Airport or Hotel
  • Private Transportation
  • Your own personal and experienced Safari guide
  • Lodging at Tsavo  – both inexpensive and luxury options exist
  • Return Transport.

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Mombasa Overview

A Mombasa Safari can usually be an overland tourist journey to explore the shorelines of the Mombasa Island, or a big-game hunt for Africa’s big cats, or a game drive to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife. But a combination of any of the three tours would be the most beneficial and commendable choice.


Every Mombasa Safari will start at Mombasa city for this is the gateway to the island. Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya located in Mombasa District, Coast Province. The city has a total of 295 square kilometers or 113.9 square miles of area composed of 230 square kilometers or 88.8 square miles of land area and 65 square kilometers or 25.1 square miles of water area. The city is elevated at 50 meters or 164 feet from sea level. It has a population density of 3,184 per square kilometers or 8,246.5 per square miles and an urban population of 939,370. Mombasa has geographical coordinates of 4°03?S 39°40?E. Mombasa Island is a coral prominence located on Kenya’s coastline on the Indian Ocean. It has six subdivisions that include Ganjoni, Railway, Tononoka, Tudor, Majengo, and the famous Old Town. Mombasa is linked together by several causeways to include the mainland causeway or the Makupa Causeway, north-west causeway by the Nyali Bridge, the Likoni Ferry as the south causeway.

Mombasa Culture

Mombasa SafariBeing the gateway to the East Coast of Africa, Mombasa becomes the melting pot of the different cultures of the different tourists coming in and out of the island. Through the city’s architecture, the Arab and Muslim influences are manifested. Meanwhile, beautiful mosques and astounding temples speak of the city’s Indian influence. European influence is established within the interiors of the island where sophisticated accommodations and modern architecture beachfront are being showcased to tourists. The hotpot of cultures include a mixture of the Kenyan tribes, the Swahili people, the Arab sailors, the Hindus or Gujarati’s, the Muslims, the Christians, the Europian, and the Spanish who once colonized the island. This varied cultural experience will definitely give more meaning and color to a Mombasa Safari.


Mombasa Safari starts with the heritage of the city: Old Town and Fort Jesus, two of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Old Town is an area inhabited by a mix of locals, Arab, Asian, Portuguese and British settlers. Meanwhile, Fort Jesus is a fort built in a shape of man from an aerial view and they call this man Jesus, thus coining the name Fort Jesus. This one of the most outstanding and well preserved remains of 16th century Portuguese military fortifications was built in 1593 through the orders of King Philip I of Portugal. Although many people visit this heritage sites, tourists are more drawn to the interiors of the island where the most sophisticated accommodations are located along the famous beaches in Nyali, Kenyatta, Bamburi, Shanzu, Shelly, Tiwi and Diani beaches are located. Mombasa Safaris normally retire for the day at this luxury accommodations after a entertainment and good food along the shorelines of the Mombasa Island, renowned for its vibrant 24-hour entertainment, sports, culinary cuisines, and night life.

A Mombasa Safari is one of the more relaxing African expeditions as it would give tourists the luxuries on the beach while gently exploring the wildlife of Africa.

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